The Slingshot: Imam killing; the Assumption; a trip to the beach


Need to know: 08/15/2016

Hate crime investigation

Man charged with murder in killing of two New York City Muslims

Still no clear motive as double homicide becomes flashpoint in national debate over anti-Islam rhetoric. More from Religion News Service

Holy day

The ‘Splainer: Lourdes and the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Thousands will gather in this French town today to mark the Feast of the Assumption. But what’s the Assumption anyway? More from Religion News Service

Not just Lourdes

Church confirms Argentine apparitions as ‘supernatural’

The first apparition was more than 30 years ago. Now a local bishop has declared the visions are genuine. More from Religion News Service

This too is religious liberty

Woman settles lawsuit, now OK to use ‘8THEIST’ license plate

Previously, the Motor Vehicle Commission said the request was ineligible because it carried “connotations offensive to good taste and decency." More from

Swimsuits and towels gratuito

Pope Francis treats homeless to pizza and swim at the beach

A papal representative has been driving the homeless to a beach 25 miles from Rome, and stopping at a local pizzeria on the way. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks

Campaign hymnody

Listen to what the campaign soundtracks tell us about our spirituality

A presidential candidate reflects the spirituality of the nation he or she hopes to lead. So, what it sounds like matters, says Tripp Hudgins. More from Religion News Service

Double standard?

Compare Wayne Grudem’s comments about Rudy Giuliani to his Trump endorsement

To oppose Giuliani, Grudem argued that character mattered. To support Trump, Grudem argues that “flawed” characters are OK. More from Religion News Service

Summer rite no more

Looking for the origin of decline in the U.S. church? Baptist historian thinks he may know the answer

The decline of revivals precipitated a drop in baptism rates among Southern Baptists and other Protestants, says Bill Leonard. More from

The more times change

How Trump remixed the Republican ‘Southern Strategy’

The GOP candidate replaced the Christian right’s focus away from “godless Communism” toward a perception of Islam’s growing power abroad. More from The Atlantic

Rite of passage

Vacation Bible School for senior citizens

For some, Camp Dynamite is a chance to return to the sort of VBS they enjoyed as children. For many, it’s their first opportunity to go to camp. More from