The Slingshot: Interfaith Israel, ‘born again’ Trump, ‘X-Files’ faith


Need to know: 06/30/2016

Counter narrative

In Israel, followers of different religions help each other keep the faith

Despite the nation’s reputation for interreligious conflict, Jewish, Muslim and Christian co-workers often juggle schedules to make sure all can observe their respective traditions. More from Religion News Service

Spreading the message

‘Defusing Hate’: Holocaust museum publishes a handbook

A young American who countered incendiary speech in Kenya authors a how-to book to combat it. More from Religion News Service

Getting the message?

Virginia Republican, Trump supporter apologizes for anti-Muslim tweets

GOP State Central Committee member Fredy Burgos deleted his anti-Muslim, anti-immigration tweets and apologized after other committee members complained. More from

Getting to know you

Overcoming estrangement: How Orthodox churches came together

There was no shortage of controversy leading up to the Pan-Orthodox Council. In the end, cooler and more charitable heads prevailed. More from Religion News Service

Red line or high road?

California bill would limit exemptions for religious colleges

Some hail it as an overdue protection for LGBT students and faculty while others say it is an affront to religious freedom. More from Religion News Service

Primus inter pares

What Pope Francis can teach US bishops about reaching out to LGBT community

His honesty offers a unique opportunity for Catholic clergy in the United States to hit the reset button, says John Gehring. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks

Reading between the lines

Pro-life hypocrisy on Texas abortion decision

Opponents of abortion have a strong moral case to make, says Mark Silk. They only weaken it when they advance it under false pretenses. More from Religion News Service

I believe!

Just another sinner, born again

The claim that Donald Trump has come to Jesus follows a long pattern of redemption narratives among American evangelicals, writes Lincoln Mullen. More from The Atlantic

I want to believe

Conspiracies of faith: On truth, religion, and ‘The X-Files’

A suspension of disbelief is required for both religious faith and for the faith that life exists beyond our planet. More from The Toast

I believe not

American atheists are on the rise. They have radically different visions of the future.

Secularists like those at this month’s Reason Rally say science can cure the social ills of religion. But they aren’t sure what a ‘healthy’ society will look like. More from Vox

Crossing over

Is the transgender movement a spiritual one?

“What has it been like to finally reach your soul?” Caitlyn Jenner was asked at this week’s the Aspen Ideas Festival. Here’s her response. More from The Atlantic