The Slingshot: InterVarsity’s hard line; U.S. pastors’ indecision; Oldest man’s bar mitzvah


Need to know: 10/07/2016

Closing ranks

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship to dismiss employees who support gay marriage

The campus group told its 1,300 staff members they will be fired if they personally support gay marriage or otherwise disagree with its newly detailed positions on sexuality starting on Nov. 11. More from


Pastors prefer ‘undecided’ to Clinton or Trump

Four out of 10 Protestant pastors are undecided about which candidate to vote for, according to a new survey by LifeWay. More from Baptist Press

Worth the wait

One century later, this man finally celebrated his bar mitzvah

Yisrael Kristal, 113, considered by Guinness World Records to be the world’s oldest man, had to postpone the rite of passage due to World War I. More from Religion News Service

Cold cash

NY archdiocese offers compensation to abuse victims

Victims of clergy sex abuse willing to forego lawsuits can seek compensation, but the archdiocese will keep records of such abuse private. More from

First Mexico, now this

Argentine priest who denounced drug traffickers found dead

The body of Father Juan Heraldo Viroche, 46, was found hanged Oct. 5 in his room at Our Lady of the Valley rectory. More from Catholic News

Bonus tracks

What led him to do it?

Nat Turner: A rebel and a man of faith

Mystery and speculation surround the story of the preacher/slave who instigated a rebellion in 1831 that is the subject of a movie opening today. More from Religion News Service

Tone deaf

No, Ken Ham, whites are not colored people

Substituting the term “people groups” for “race” is not going to rectify the nation’s manifold injustices toward African-Americans, writes Jacob Lupfer. More from Religion News Service


U.S. chess star refuses to attend Iran’s world championships in hijab

Nazi Paikidze announced last week that she will boycott February’s Women's World Chess Championship in Iran because the players will have to wear hijabs. More from

Death with dignity

Archbishop Desmond Tutu: When my time comes, I want the option of an assisted death

“Just as I have argued firmly for compassion and fairness in life, I believe that terminally ill people should be treated with the same compassion and fairness when it comes to their deaths,” he wrote. More from

Penitential rite

A raw deal for chickens, as Jews atone for sins

By the start of Yom Kippur on Oct. 11, an estimated 50,000 chickens will be sacrificed in Brooklyn as part of a penitential ritual performed by some Hasidic Jews. More from