The Slingshot: Jesus’ divorce, Trump’s faith summit, Max Weber, RIP?



Need to know: 06/21/2016

Jesus gets a divorce

Harvard scholar admits ‘Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’ is likely a forgery

If ‘The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’ sounds like something out of a Dan Brown novel, that’s no coincidence: the Harvard scholar who introduced it to the world now admits it’s probably fake. More from Religion News Service

Good luck with that

The Forward won’t publish anything about Donald Trump for 24 hours

It’s a protest against the online anti-Semitic bullying of the Jewish outlet’s reporters, says editor Jane Eisner. More from The Forward

But they’ll miss this!

Inside Donald Trump’s private meeting with evangelicals

A peek at what a thousand Christian conservatives want to hear today at their closed-door confab with the presumptive GOP nominee. (Never fear: RNS will have full coverage.) More from

Growth industry

Report says list of ‘Islamophobic groups’ reaches new high

A Muslim advocacy group has named 74 organizations and individuals -- an all-time high -- to its list of ‘Islamophobes.’ More from Religion News Service

A candle in the darkness?

Ancient Tunisian Jewish community faces uncertain future

Djerba remains a tiny oasis of interfaith harmony and tolerance in an Arab world splintered by violence. Will it endure? More from Religion News Service

Google ‘particular examen’

Pope Francis to Catholics: ‘Who are you to judge others?’

Stop being hypocrites and take a look at yourself in the mirror -- without covering up your wrinkles -- the pontiff said in a sermon that reprised one of his favorite themes. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks

Slipperier slope?

Why same-sex marriage will pave the way to polygamy

A year after the U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage, Peter Sprigg sees signs that his worst fears are coming true. More from Religion News Service

Book reviewer: Take that, Max Weber!

‘The Money Cult,’ by Chris Lehmann

How can the most hedonistic consumer culture on the planet also be host to some of the most religious people in the world? Chris Lehmann provides some answers. More from

More than semantics

Martyrs are witnesses of faith, not just victims of genocide, pope says

Using the word ‘genocide’ to describe the persecution of Christians in the Middle East risks downplaying the courage and witness of those who profess faith even in the face of death, Francis said. More from

You can’t have all the fun, Cleveland

Unitarian Universalists to hold annual gathering in Columbus

More than 3,500 people from around the world are expected to vote on resolutions on Thanksgiving (maybe it wasn’t a good idea?) and divesting from companies tied to Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories. More from

Old-time New Age

Thousands celebrate summer solstice at Stonehenge

Some 12,000 people gathered at the prehistoric stone circle in southern England to dance and do yoga on the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere on Tuesday. More from The Big Story