The Slingshot: Kaine makes history, Trump makes fans, student makes centuries-old find


Need to know: 10/17/2016

The end is NOT near

ISIS driven out of ‘doomsday’ village where it prophesied end times battle

Its defeat at Dabiq underscores the group’s declining fortunes this year as it suffered battlefield defeats in Syria and Iraq and lost a string of senior leaders in targeted air strikes. More from Religion News Service

Looks familiar

New Jesuit leader is Latin American, like the pope

The Rev. Arturo Sosa is the first Latin American to hold the post, much as Pope Francis, also a Jesuit, is the first Latin American elected to the papacy. More from Religion News Service

‘Yo soy catolico’

Kaine makes history: Delivers speech entirely in Spanish during Spanish-language church service

Tim Kaine made campaign history Sunday as the first presidential ticket candidate to deliver a speech entirely in Spanish during a Spanish-language church service. More from CNN

The other Religious Right

Among Donald Trump’s biggest U.S. fans: Hindu nationalists

A faction of Hindu nationalists in India and the United States see Trump as the embodiment of the cocksure, politically incorrect, strongman brand of politics they admire. More from

Pioneering protector

Muslim woman settles in at Vermont military college

Sana Hamze is the first woman allowed to wear a Muslim headscarf beneath her military uniform at the nation's oldest private military college. More from ABC News

Bonus tracks

Deplorable ideology

Trump’s conspiracy theory smells like anti-Semitism

Donald Trump just invoked the most notorious anti-Semitic theme in history. He is telling us something, says Jeffrey Salkin. More from Religion News Service

Broken family

Donald Trump reveals evangelical rifts that could shape politics for years

While most of the religious right’s aging old guard has chosen to stand by Trump, its judgment and authority are being challenged by younger leaders, minorities and women. More from

Walking the talk

‘Do it for the water’: Native Americans carry Potomac water on prayerful, 400-mile journey

In a 13-day relay, dozens of participants in a Native American ritual are walking the entire length of the Potomac, praying for its return to unpolluted health. More from

Chag Sameach!

The little-known Jewish holiday that draws Israelis outdoors

Sukkot, which both secular and religious Israelis celebrate, is so ubiquitous that almost every Israeli restaurant and Jewish-owned mall constructs a sukkah for its customers. More from Religion News Service

The original study Bible

A curious student dug through a box in the archives — and unearthed a centuries-old Geneva Bible

Something like this is unique because historians can look at its prominence as a way to disseminate information from the time. More from