The Slingshot: Methodist meet-up, imams against ISIS and Roy Moore no more?


Need to know: 05/08/2016

Methodist Madness!

6 things to watch at the Methodist General Conference

Delegates to the conference, May 10-20, will consider more than 1,000 proposals - including gay marriage. More from Religion News Service


Muslim leaders wage theological battle, stoking ISIS’ anger

The so-called Islamic State recently threatened the lives of 11 Muslim imams and scholars in the West. More from

On the brink

Alabama Judge Roy Moore may lose job over gay marriage

A state commission alleged that the top-ranking state judicial official disregarded “clear law.” More from


Controversial ‘Get Them Married’ teen retreat cancelled after outcry

Critics charged that the planned Christian retreat promoted extreme patriarchy and child marriage. More from


In supporting Trump, evangelicals are reaping what they’ve sown (COMMENTARY)

Evangelical institutions have failed to educate people how to think in a Christian way about their role as citizens. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks


The elements of amazing black preaching

A theology professor explains how the genius of African American preaching can transform the country. More from

London calling

What Sadiq Khan’s election means to British Muslims

How British Muslims feel about the election of the first Muslim mayor of their capital city. More from the Guardian

Prescription for prayer

Spirituality may help HIV patients survive longer

A study showed that people who engaged in spiritual practices had a greater rate of survival than people who did not. More from The Atlantic

Soul searching

British Labour Party struggles to root out anti-Semitism

The identity of Britain’s Labour Party is at stake as its leaders struggle to address accusations that anti-Semitism is rife within its ranks. More from Religion News Service


Virginia high schools avoid Liberty U. because of anti-Muslim comments

Liberty President Jerry Falwell Jr.'s remarks after the San Bernardino shooting offended many. More from