The Slingshot: Methodist madness; African concern; Scottish compromise


Need to know: 05/23/2016

Denominational disorder

United Methodist conference seen as confusing even to God

But many delegates are hopeful after 11 days of wrangling issues such as homosexuality, reproductive rights, not to mention church governance and finances. More from Religion News Service

Reverse mission

African Methodists worry about the church that brought them Christianity

“People from the country that brought the Gospel to us are now preaching a different Gospel.” More from Religion News Service

Over there

Archbishop: Anti-Semitism is ‘embedded’ in British culture

Justin Welby’s remarks follow anti-Semitic statements by Labour Party members. More from Religion News Service

Over here

Brooklyn’s Catholic bishop decries ‘racism and xenophobia’

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio seems to take aim at Donald Trump and argues that deportations would hurt the U.S. economy. More from Religion News Service

Demolishing faith

Decapitated churches in China’s Christian heartland

Over the past two years, authorities have torn down crosses from more than 1,200 churches, sometimes after violent clashes. More from

Bonus tracks

Scottish compromise

Church of Scotland votes to allow ministers to be in same-sex marriages

The church maintains a traditional view of marriage, but congregations can “opt out.” More from the Guardian

A first

The University of Miami establishes chair for the study of atheism

Professorship is established with a $2.2 million donation from the former head of a modeling school. More from

Packing up

Massachusetts church vigil ending after 11 years

Faced with closure in the wake of the clergy sexual abuse crisis, around 100 parishioners took turns sleeping there overnight. More from Religion News Service

Losing Pristina

How Kosovo was turned into fertile ground for ISIS

Saudi money and influence transformed this once-tolerant Muslim society into a jihadist pipeline. More from

No roll of the dice

Police in Las Vegas forge close ties to the city’s Muslim community

The city’s program could prove a model for other police departments. More from