The Slingshot: Methodists and gays, Chicago shocker, the Good Samaritan


Need to know: 05/19/2016

The big punt

Methodists postpone debate of gay issues that could split denomination

Bishops want the commission to "develop a complete examination and possible revision of every paragraph in the Book of Discipline regarding human sexuality. More from Religion News Service

Appealing to the establishment

Trump’s Supreme Court picks are a conservative dream come true

Whether the list was compiled by the Heritage Foundation is not certain, but it could have been, writes a Guardian columnist. More from the Guardian

Deathbed regrets

Dying GOP senator apologizes to Muslims for Donald Trump

Sen. Bob Bennett told his wife and son he wanted to apologize to all Muslims on behalf of the Republican Party. More from The Daily Beast

Walking the walk

Chicago shocker: Catholic archdiocese to offer 12 weeks of paid parental leave

The move is almost unheard of in U.S. Catholic dioceses but reflects an effort to put the church’s money where its mission is. More from Religion News Service

Two years later

Nigerian girl abducted by Boko Haram is found

Amina Ali was wandering in the forest when she was found. More from

Bonus tracks

True blue

How Ben Shahn’s art anticipates Bernie Sanders

Sanders, like Shahn, calls out for social and economic justice. More from Religion News Service

Vigil over

Boston church’s parishioners evicted after 12-year occupation

St Frances Xavier Cabrini parishioners will hold a final farewell service on May 29. More from The Guardian

Mistaken identity

Women getting harassed in bathrooms because of anti-transgender hysteria

A woman washing her hands in a Walmart bathroom was insulted by another woman who confused her for a man. More from Vox

Storm over a teacup

An Ayatollah’s daughter prompts a debate on religious persecution in Iran

The daughter of a former president sat down for tea with with a Baha'i leader. More from

The Good Samaritan

Trooper shares meal with panhandling homeless mom of 4

Certain she was about to be cited for panhandling, she offered to leave; he offered her lunch. More from ABC News