The Slingshot: Methodists and gays; unchurched and uninterested; Trump and tithing


Need to know: 06/29/2016

Insurrection in the ranks

Methodists nominate 3 openly gay candidates for bishop

The United Methodist Church decided not to take up contentious LBGT issues. But that’s not stopping its regional conferences. More from Religion News Service

Unchurched and uninterested

God? Meaning of life? Many Americans don’t seek them in church

Survey: A majority of people who do not attend church say they’re not interested in worship or God talk. More from Religion News Service

Not a tither

Trump gave less than $10,000 to charity over 7 years

Trump promises to give to charity, doesn’t follow-through. More from

Is there a Plan C?

Supreme Court won’t consider religious liberty contraceptive case

This leaves in place a Washington State law that does not allow pharmacists who object to dispensing contraceptive drugs and devices a religious exemption. More from CNN

Ahead of Eid

Israel bans access for non-Muslims to Jerusalem holy site

Police closed access to Jewish worshippers and other visitors for the remainder of the week to prevent tensions with Muslim worshippers. More from

Bonus tracks

One area of consensus

How some abortion opponents get ‘pro-life’ radically right

Reducing demand for abortion as much as possible is a something anti-abortion as well as abortion rights activists can get behind. More from Religion News Service

Persecuted in Queens

A battle over Falun Gong goes to court

The lawsuit accuses an anti-cult alliance of collaborating with the Chinese government by persecuting the Chinese spiritual movement in New York. More from

The science of evolution

Why aren’t apes evolving into humans?

The creatures we call apes are our cousins, not our ancestors, which makes it hard for them to evolve into something like us. More from

Discomfiting prayer

Sen. David’s Perdue’s use — and abuse — of Scripture an age-old story

Perdue isn’t the first leader to cite a biblical passage to advance an abhorrent position. And he won’t be the last. More from Religion News Service


Escape tunnel, is found at Holocaust massacre site

A team of archaeologists has uncovered a forgotten tunnel that 80 Jews dug by hand as they tried to escape from a Nazi extermination site in Lithuania. More from