The Slingshot: Methodists are methodical; Pope’s sex abuse crackdown; another murder in Bangladesh


Need to know: 06/07/2016

Roadwork ahead

United Methodists in no hurry to create panel on LBGT issues

The church, which delayed a vote on gay ministers and gay marriage in favor of a panel to study the issue, has yet to set a timetable on its creation. More from The United Methodist Church


In the heart of Europe, anti-Muslim politics are on the rise

Attacks by Islamist radicals in neighboring nations and a record wave of Middle Eastern migrants are testing the national will to protect minority rights. More from

Hate crime

Christian murdered in latest Bangladesh attack

Bangladesh is reeling from a wave of murders of secular and liberal activists, and religious minorities, that have left more than 40 people dead. More from the Guardian


Pope puts Guam archbishop accused of sex abuse on leave

The latest sign that Francis is taking tougher steps to tackle the sexual abuse crisis. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks


The Gospel Coalition and how (not) to engage culture

Jonathan Merritt chides the influential group for a bunker mentality that silences any who dare to question its thinking. More from Religion News Service

Silver screen Sufi

Rumi film will challenge Muslim stereotypes, says Gladiator writer

David Franzoni, who wrote the script for 2000 film starring Russell Crowe, will pen a biopic on the 13th-century Muslim poet. More from the Guardian

Animal ethics

Do gorillas even belong in zoos?

Harambe’s death sparks a debate. More from

Islam in China

Harmony and martyrdom among China’s Hui Muslims

Visiting the town where the People’s Liberation Army slaughtered 1,600 Muslims in 1975. More from The New Yorker

Musical medium

Paul Simon’s spiritual fascination

The sonic inspiration behind his latest album, “Stranger to Stranger.” More from