The Slingshot: Mike Pence; Liturgical bullies; Pharoah worship


Need to know: 10/05/2016

After the debate

Pence maintains Trump would defend religious objections

Many conservative Christians are still upset that in 2015 the Indiana governor backtracked after signing a Religious Freedom Restoration Act in his state. More from Religion News Service

The digital mob

‘Liturgy shaming’ is a growing internet phenomenon. But is it a vice or a virtue?

What seems like simple bullying gets the hierarchy’s attention and safeguards sacred rituals, defenders of the practice say. More from Religion News Service


Leaked videos partially pull back curtain on LDS Church

The videos don't reveal information that is surprising or damning, but have generated interest because people are curious about how the religion's top leaders make decisions. More from

50 percent off

Thousands of women across Poland refuse to work in all-out strike against abortion ban

Without half their workforce, government offices, universities and schools in 60 cities across the country were forced to close their doors. More from The Independent

Moral hazard

D.C. is about to vote on physician-assisted death. Here’s why it’s dangerous.

A medical school professor and a divinity school professor argue that patients will be susceptible to coercion and control if the Death With Dignity Act passes. More from

Bonus tracks

Doing his part

Police shootings are ‘more than a one-dimensional crisis,’ says pastor T.D. Jakes

The African-American preacher talks about violence between law enforcement and the black community and says his megachurch and new television show will take on the issue. More from

Before email

Henri Nouwen’s intimate letters shed light on his ‘theology of the heart’

The late priest’s letters chronicle his lifelong struggles with celibacy, his disaffection with academia and his prolonged recovery from a nervous breakdown. More from Religion News Service

Seen it all

NYC’s ‘Little Church That Stood’ plans 250th anniversary

George Washington worshipped here, but St. Paul's Chapel is best known for having survived unscathed as the World Trade Center towers came down across the street. More from

Animal worship

Mass on a stud farm, near a Triple Crown winner

A Chicago bishop makes a pastoral visit to migrant workers on a horse farm, and celebrates the first Mass ever to be said next to the stall of American Pharoah. More from

Yesterday blasphemy, today art

An ‘evolving’ Episcopal church invites back a controversial sculpture

When a female Christ figure was shown at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in 1984, a church official ordered its removal. Now it has returned as the centerpiece of a new exhibit. More from