The Slingshot: ‘Miracle’ for migrants; Motorcycle dreams; Cruz snubs Muslims

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Need to know: 04/19/2016


Syrian refugees sheltered by pope describe ‘miracle’ journey

Muslim families moved from a war-torn land to a hellish refugee camp to the Vatican's sheltering shadow. More from Religion News Service

Still 'Wild at Heart'

John Eldredge’s motorcycle movie is about dreams

He taps into the same longing for heroism and adventure as his best-seller did 15 years ago. More from Religion News Service

Broad and deep reporting

Los Angeles Times wins Pulitzer for San Bernardino terrorist attack coverage

The staff won the 2016 breaking news prize for chronicling the attack by husband-and-wife Muslim jihadists. More from

Shut out

Cruz snubs Muslim advocacy groups

They say the senator and his Capitol Hill staff spurned them them on their annual lobbying day. More from Religion News Service

Lovers' quarrel

US feels ‘overwhelming frustration’ with Israeli government, says Biden

He said the Israeli prime minister's policies go "the wrong direction" but U.S. is still committed to Israeli security. More from The Guardian

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Bonus tracks

'Biblical beer'

At Israeli brewery, last sip of beer that Jesus might have drunk

The recipe includes a strain of wheat used for beer 2,000 years ago. More from Religion News Service

Temple Mount troubles

Jewish leaders slam UNESCO on Western Wall

They say UNESCO is buying into Palestinian efforts to "deny the foundation of Israel’s legitimacy.” More from Religion News Service

No cake for you

SNL spoofs controversial ‘God’s Not Dead’ and religious freedom bills

The satirical show's fake movie trailer parodies anti-LGBT laws as sanctioned discrimination. More from

Devoutly American

Civil Religion—or Christianity?

An author questions whether "American exceptionalism" is safe for Christians. More from The American Conservative

Stand by your man?

C.J. Mahaney says churches should defend their pastors

The controversial pastor was tied to allegations of systematic abuse and cover-up at a prior church.  More from

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