The Slingshot: Muslim women speak out; Hip church recruits techies; Muslim ally defends Jews



Need to know: 08/02/2016

Listen Up

Muslim women adjust the volume: #CanYouHearUsNow, Trump?

They take to the internet to counter the stereotype, repeated by Trump, that Islam oppresses women. More from Religion News Service

Online altar call

Silicon Valley’s hippest church is going public

A Bay Area church known as C3 Silicon Valley – C3SV for short – recruits with a techie vibe. More from


Swedish Muslim takes on anti-Semitism

A cool young Muslim with a leather jacket and lots of tattoos wants to help the Jews of Europe. More from Religion News Service

Done with that

Boston mob boss resurfaces in Memphis as pastor

Bobby Luisi was involved in many a murder – and then he started his own ministry. More from

The marrying kind

Biden officiates same-sex wedding for two White House staffers

The nuptials took place at the vice presidential residence in Washington, DC. More from

Bonus tracks

Monty Python’s Flying Cathedral

Comedian John Cleese starts Church of JC Capitalist

He says he will save souls and enjoy “huge tax advantages.” More from Religion News Service

Words matter

Euphemisms abound in the Democratic platform on abortion

The 2016 Democratic platform hides abortion “in a haze of abstraction,” writes Trevin Wax. More from Religion News Service

Bad apples?

France shuts down 20 mosques and Muslim prayer halls

French authorities say they were preaching radical Islamic ideology. More from The Atlantic

Cover up

Hillary Clinton bikini mural covered with niqab after public decency complaints

The Australian mural was raunchy. Then it was the opposite. More from


There will be some Jews voting for Trump, new Jewish group insists

“Jews Choose Trump” looks to address what it sees as the hostile environment in the Jewish community toward the GOP nominee. More from The Forward