The Slingshot: Muslims attacked; Trump’s star; the new Vacation Bible School


Need to know: 07/05/2016

Islamophobia I

Muslims attacked in several US cities

A shooting and beatings of Muslims this holiday weekend in Florida, Texas and New York. More from

Islamophobia II

A man in traditional Arabian dress is assumed to be a terrorist

The UAE businessman comes to Cleveland for medical treatment, and finds himself in handcuffs. More from CNN

Serious summer

Camps teach kids to put their faith into action

“We’re trying to groom the next generation of Freedom Fighters.” More from Religion News Service

In memoriam

Elie Wiesel’s death prompts outpouring of tributes

President Obama called him “the moral conscience of the world.”  More from Religion News Service

The excuse

Trump campaign continues to defend use of star shape in tweet

He tries to explain the six-pointed star that seemed to be lifted from an anti-Semitic website. More from

Bonus tracks

Historic pulpit

Meet the new pastor of Charleston’s Mother Emanuel AME Church

The Rev. Eric S.C. Manning will pastor a church mourning nine people killed at Bible study by a white supremacist. More from Post and Courier

All in the family

A Pulse victim’s family ponders religion and sexual preference

A short video explores how one Roman Catholic family approached a gay son. More from - Video

Family violence

Honor killings growing ever more brutal in Pakistan

Last year, 1,096 women and 88 men were killed in these crimes. More from The Big Story

Witchcraft online

Teens are turning to Tumblr to create their own online covens

New forms of spell-casting have emerged specific to digital teenage witchery. More from