The Slingshot: Nuns on the bus, feminist monks, women’s work


Need to know: 07/06/2016

Hey, Soul Sister

Nuns on the bus will ride to political conventions

Sister Simone Campbell and a band of Catholic nuns will again board her bus to promote a vision of a more inclusive America. More from Religion News Service

Not trending: #PrayForTheseCitiesToo

After attacks on Muslims, many ask: Where is the outpouring?

The West seems to have shrugged off the weekend’s massacres in predominantly Muslim countries. More from

‘Rare species’

Thailand’s top female monk hacked the system to bring women into the fold

Monk. Mom. And, in the eyes of her homeland’s Buddhist establishment, feminist insurgent. More from Public Radio International

Apparition condition

Vatican denies taking control of Medjugorie is ‘imminent’

Bosnian newspapers had been reporting that Pope Francis would appoint a special administrator for the pilgrimage site. More from

Eid Mubarak

Jordan Olympic runner says Ramadan fast boosts his mental strength

"I feel that Ramadan is a one-month marathon," Moath al-Khawaldeh said. More from

Bonus tracks

News from Lake Wobegon

How ‘A Prairie Home Companion’ made American religion real

For 42 years, Garrison Keillor brought a slice of Americana into our homes and cars through his popular radio show “A Prairie Home Companion.” More from Religion News Service

Father, Son and Holy Mackerel

The Theology of Donald Trump

To better understand Mr. Trump’s approach to life, ethics and politics, we should look to Friedrich Nietzsche, who was repulsed by Christianity and Christ. More from

The Power of Positive Politicking

Trump’s theology: More Peale than Nietzsche

The religious thinker Trump actually has read, whose sermons he listened to as a boy and who officiated his first marriage, is Norman Vincent Peale. More from Religion News Service

A theology of work

The conservative, Christian case for working women

Katelyn Beaty’s new book “A Woman’s Place” claims to reveal “the surprising truth about why God intends every woman to work.” More from The Atlantic

Longread of the week

A tender hand in the presence of death

The daily work of a hospice nurse who treats the physical, psychological and spiritual needs of people at their most vulnerable. More from The New Yorker


How a scientist learned to work with exorcists

As a psychiatrist, Richard Gallagher diagnoses mental illness. Also, he says, he helps spot demonic possession. More from