The Slingshot: Obama and nukes; Oklahoma’s traditional values; Transgender graduates


Need to know: 05/27/2016

No more nukes

Obama, in Hiroshima, calls for a ‘moral awakening’ on nuclear weapons

"We're not bound by genetic codes to repeat the mistakes of the past,” the president said. “We can learn. We can choose.” More from POLITICO

Return of pothole politics

In a red state, the culture war shifts

Voters still care about traditional values, but there is growing anger over underfunded schools and crumbling infrastructure. More from Religion News Service

Celebrating diversity

Among M.Div. graduates, a new crop of transgender students

A small, but growing number of transgender students seek out divinity school as they wrestle with their newfound identity. More from Religion News Service

Will plain folk go for celebrity?

In a first, Trump PAC reaches out to Amish

Called Amish PAC, the new organization will target Amish voters in Pennsylvania and Ohio. More from Religion News Service

Mercy’s sake

Family members showed Dylann Roof mercy. Why can’t prosecutors?

“Even in the midst of unthinkable evil, love can still win,” writes death penalty opponent Shane Claiborne. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks

Virtual hate

The Nazi tweets of “God Trump Emperor’

After tweeting a story about Trump and fascism, The New York Times’ Jonathan Weisman was greeted to an onslaught of anti-Semitism. More from

Shirking their duty

Girl got herpes after church didn’t report alleged abuse, suit says

A woman sued her church for keeping quiet about her daughter’s sexual abuse after the daughter repeatedly told church leaders her father was molesting her. More from

Friends in high places

In Brazil’s political crisis, a powerful new force: Evangelical Christians

The country’s new president, Michel Temer, has given evangelicals unprecedented influence in his cabinet. More from

Scout’s honor?

Muslim Scouts pursue an American tradition — in an America wary of Muslims

With the rise of Islamophobia, Muslim American parents who put their kids in Scouts are asking tough questions. More from

There’s a sermon here

Two Tennessee ministers are among 30 arrested in prostitution sting

The two ministers had responded to ads on, a website often used to solicit sex partners. More from