The Slingshot: Obama in Dallas. Copts in Egypt. An American in Rome.


Need to know: 07/13/2016


Obama in Dallas: ‘Joy comes in the morning’

The president dug deep into Scripture at the memorial service for the fallen Dallas police officers. More from Religion News Service

Our man in Rome

Pope Francis’ new spokesman is a St. Louis native

The appointment of an American as the Vatican’s chief spokesman is the latest move to reform its vast communications machine. More from Religion News Service

No grace

Chinese dissident-evangelist accused of sexual misconduct

A student says they watched a soft-porn feature one night; the next evening she refused and left. More from Religion News Service

Islam and democracy

Elections supervisor removes Florida mosque as polling site

Boca Raton polling station was moved to a library after some complained about voting in a mosque. More from

Death on the Nile

Egypt’s Christians under attack again though police downplay incidents

Analysts believe the targeting of Copts, allegedly by Islamists, is payback for their support for Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. More from Al-Monitor

Bonus tracks

Make. It. Stop.

Holocaust Museum: ‘Please stop catching Pokémon here’

Some visitors were catching monsters in the museum’s gallery dedicated to survivor stories. More from

Free trade?

Export ban placed on million dollar prayerbook

British Museum given time to raise money to buy prayerbook once owned by kings and cardinals. More from


The end of “White Christian America”

Donald Trump stepped into the spotlight just as the curtain was coming down on the era of white Protestant dominance, says PRRI’s Robert P. Jones. More from


‘The End of White Christian America’ is meaningless

RNS columnist Tobin Grant counters that to really understand evangelical politics, you need to start by recognizing the diversity.  More from Religion News Service


The last Nazi hunter

Efraim Zuroff is proud to be the most hated Jew in Lithuania More from Newsweek