The Slingshot: Olympic faith; Francis and refugees; Trump and the Johnson Amendment


Need to know: 08/12/2016

Body and soul

Faith at the Olympics: Does it give an athlete an edge?

Athletes say faith helps with the ups and downs of training and injury, winning and losing. More from Religion News Service

Religious tolerance

What happened when the Olympic committee tried to exclude Brazil’s African faiths

The International Olympic Committee had chosen only five “official” religions for the interfaith center. Then Mother Fatima Damas got involved. More from Religion News Service

Suffer the little children

Pope Francis invites Syrian refugees to lunch in Vatican

Thursday’s lunch with a group of refugee children was another reminder of how strongly the pontiff feels about bringing an end to the conflict. More from Religion News Service

Pulpit endorsements

Trump vows to protect pastors from nonexistent IRS threat

Trump promises evangelicals to repeal the Johnson Amendment. There’s just one problem: It’s currently unenforced, writes Amy Sullivan. More from

Religious exemption

Five Christian pastors in Illinois are challenging a state law banning ‘conversion therapy’ for queer youth

The suit says the law unfairly prohibits clergy from helping people who genuinely want to change their sexual orientation. More from

Bonus tracks

No religious accommodation

Jewish woman who asked to end workweek early for Sabbath says sheriff’s office yanked job offer

The sheriff's office's reaction to the request was "disbelief and confusion," according to the suit filed in district court. More from


French Olympic swimmer’s tattoo commemorates Auschwitz survivor grandpa

The words of the Hebrew tattoo on Fabien Gilot’s arm say: “I am nothing without them.” More from The Forward

Serving God and mammon?

Largest for-profit Christian college to open seminary this fall

Grand Canyon University announced it would open an independent, non-denominational, for-profit theological seminary in Arizona. More from Gleanings |

Cultural imperialism?

Pope Francis, ‘gender ideology’ and our colonialist blinders

If almost everything the Global North has imposed has destroyed Southern cultural systems, why should it be trusted on gender, asks write Cristina Traina. More from Religion News Service