The Slingshot: Passover candy? Atheist faith? Pope Francis and Harriet Tubman



Need to know: 04/21/2016

C'mon, you know the answer!

Passover candy: Good or evil?

Those fruit slices with no fruit in them inspire a surprising amount of emotion. More from Religion News Service

Anathema sit?

Cecile Richards gets a standing ovation at Georgetown amid protests

The media was not permitted inside, but students who heard her said she urged respect for those who think women should have choice in their reproductive decisions. More from Religion News Service

The devil is in the details

Can a burgeoning Satanic movement effect political change?

Riding on the popularity of "The Witch," one group hopes to change America's identity as a "Christian nation." More from

Rimshot journalism

Is the pope Catholic?

Francis’ papacy prompts a debate, and it’s no joke. More from Religion News Service

Was an atheist a believer?

Dying Christopher Hitchens considered Christianity, new book claims

A controversial new book wins praise from evangelicals and condemnation from some who knew the famous atheist, who died in 2011. More from Religion News Service

No small change

5 faith facts about Harriet Tubman: ‘American Moses’ is coming to $20 bill

The faith of Harriet Tubman is indisputable. Here are 5 faith facts about the abolitionist, famed conductor of the Underground Railroad and reported new face of the $20 bill. More from Religion News Service





Bonus tracks

The past is present

Sex abuse and the Catholic Church: Why is it still a story?

Laurie Goodstein provides personal insight into her recent New York Times article about a Pennsylvania diocese that engaged in an extensive cover-up of sex abuse by as many as 50 priests and church officials. More from

Taking it, and dishing it out

Mallory Ortberg on death, faith, and why it’s easy to make fun of Christians

The 'Toast' humorist and one-time atheist chats about online humor, how to pray, and why God is probably a little dog. More from

No glossolalia here

10 quotes on faith from Queen Elizabeth II on her 90th birthday

It's often forgotten that Queen Elizabeth has the title of Supreme Governor of the Church of England, as well as being the UK's longest reigning monarch. More from