The Slingshot: Pastor fails, Trump’s VP, talking Bubbe dolls

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Paul, Melinda, Baleigh and McKayla Hand. Photo courtesy of Paul Hand

Paul, Melinda, Baleigh and McKayla Hand. Photo courtesy of Paul Hand

Need to know: 05/11/2016

Second coming

Can pastors make a comeback after scandal? One Baptist tries

Half of Protestant pastors say their peers should leave the pulpit for a time if accused of misconduct. More from RNS

Race matters

Study: Changes in racial composition lead to decline in church attendance

Can diversity in the pews lead to lower attendance in churches? A new study says yes. More from RNS

No exceptions

Citadel refuses Muslim woman’s request to wear hijab

The military college declined to make an exception to the standardized uniform considered essential to its learning goals. More from RNS

Crisis counselor

Priest accused of sex abuse opens teen pregnancy center

A teen sex scandal forced him from his church. Then he cofounded a teen pregnancy counseling center. More from The Daily Beast

Going for 2nd

Evangelicals watch Trump’s VP search

Evangelical leaders may activate their extensive grass-roots networks if he picks someone they like. More from POLITICO

Bonus tracks

Sob story

How outdated Mormon teachings may be abetting ‘rape culture’

Mormon women at LDS-owned schools are told they are at least partially responsible for sexual assaults. More from RNS


How rival Gardens of Eden in Iraq survived ISIS

Against all odds, Iraq’s religious tourism infrastructure has endured. More from

Not the Babylon Bee

Vicars urged to rein in the jokes and rambling anecdotes in sermons

Churchgoers say clergy should stick to serious topics and leave the jokes to the comedians. More from The Telegraph

Look both ways

Tyrannical tendencies are not just the purview of the right

Is Donald Trump the only devil that could undo our democracy? More from RNS

Oy vey!

The Mensch on a Bench has found his match in Bubbe

The inventor of the talking Jewish grandmother doll described it as a “magic 8-ball meets a talking Bubbe.” More from The Forward