The Slingshot: Pope Francis’ guests; Pastafarians wed; Guns in church


Need to know: 04/18/2016

Flying while black

‘Moral Mondays’ leader ejected from flight

The progressive protest movement founder had just given a talk on racism. More from Religion News Service

Moving gesture

‘You are not alone,’ Pope Francis tells refugees, brings 12 to Rome

It was a dramatic end to his politically-charged visit to a migrant camp in Greece. More from Religion News Service

Politics? Are you crazy?

Bernie Sanders and Pope Francis chatted on moral economics

If you think a simple greeting is a political act, "look for a psychiatrist,” said the pope. More from Religion News Service

Anti-Muslim platform

Islam incompatible with German constitution, says AfD party

Party leader calls for banning minarets, muezzins and full veils. More from Religion News Service

No colanders

New Zealand ‘Pastafarians’ tie knot in first recognized wedding

The couple wore pirate hats on their noodles for Spaghetti Monster blessings. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks

Misfire (take 1)

Mississippi law allows churches to train members to pack heat

Unhappy state police chiefs say it will let criminals and the mentally ill carry guns. More from

Misfire (take 2)

Debaters boycott Virginia debate championships at Liberty U.

Some high schoolers object to the college president’s remarks on Muslims, guns.  More from

Behave, please

Saudi Arabia strips religious police of arrest powers

The zealous force "overstepped its authority," mistreating families, said a professor. More from

Fat cat skinny on giving

How Sanders’ charitable giving may undermine his central message (COMMENTARY)

He's in the top 4 percent for U.S. income but gave only 4 percent of his to charity. More from Religion News Service

Listening to each other

The City University campus where Jews and Muslims dialogue

The Queens campus, unlike others in the N.Y. system, isn't a Middle-East clash. More from The Forward

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