The Slingshot: Prayer and protest, a show of peace, ‘Kung Fu’ nuns


Need to know: 09/19/2016

'Water is life'

The ‘Splainer: The ‘spiritual battle’ over the Dakota Access pipeline

How is opposition to the Dakota Access pipeline rooted in traditional Native American spirituality? Let us ‘Splain… More from Religion News Service

Solid advice

Pope Francis to new bishops: Dispense mercy, don’t be ‘charming liars’

People don’t like whiny bishops, the pontiff said, and they can ‘sniff out narcissists, manipulators and hawkers of vain crusades.’ More from Religion News Service

Shoulder to shoulder

In this part of India, Sunnis and Shiites show the world a different way to pray

The prayer took place in a Shiite shrine but was led by a Sunni imam as part of an initiative by a volunteer group called Shoulder to Shoulder. More from Religion News Service

Alarming trend

Hate crimes against American Muslims most since post-9/11 era

The increase apparently is fueled by terrorist attacks in the United States and abroad and by divisive language on the campaign trail. More from


Pope Francis makes surprise visits to neonatal unit, hospice

The impromptu visits, part of the Holy Year of Mercy events, were aimed at highlighting the Catholic Church’s teaching on the sanctity of all life at all stages. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks


What a gay Christian rocker’s woes tell us about American Christianity

Trey Pearson’s woes reveal at least three surprising truths about American Christianity and LGBT issues. More from Religion News Service

Village Atheists

‘Women atheists are genuinely considered monsters’

Americans have long been suspicious of nonbelievers. Misogyny, nativism, and racism have often been tied up in their fear. More from The Atlantic

Modern-day parallels

Would you hide a Jew from the Nazis?

Nicholas Kristof’s Sunday column asks what any of us would do if we saw the rise of a group like the Nazis today. Would we resist? Or avert our eyes? More from

Log off

‘I used to be a human being’

That time self-described “web obsessive” Andrew Sullivan surrendered his phone at a meditation retreat center. More from Select All

When praying is ‘not enough’

‘Kung Fu’ nuns bike Himalayas to oppose human trafficking

One Buddhist nun said the bicycle trek shows "women have power and strength like men." More from