The Slingshot: Priest nixed for gay support. Hijabs on film. Trump’s black church script


Need to know: 09/02/2016

Standing firm

NJ priest suspended for supporting gay groups

Newark Archbishop John Myers has again taken action against the Rev. Warren Hall, this time for publicly backing gay support groups and gay Catholics. More from Religion News Service

Don’t ask: ‘do you shower with that?’

What American women who wear the hijab want you to know

In the short film ‘Hijabi World,’ Muslim women talk about why they wear the headscarf, and how it both enriches and makes life more challenging. More from The Atlantic

The arc of the moral universe

New Smithsonian museum features stories of African-American faith

‘There is no way you can … understand the African-American journey without understanding the very real role faith played in its history,’ said a museum official. More from Religion News Service

Cure for foot-in-mouth disease?

Leaked script shows what advisers want Donald Trump to say at black church

The pastor of the Detroit church was given the questions to ask at Saturday’s event, designed to help the GOP nominee with African-Americans, and Trump’s aides prepared answers for the closed-door, pre-taped session. More from

Dark night

Archbishop of Canterbury reveals what keeps him awake

“I am constantly consumed with horror at the way we have treated LGBTI people,” Justin Welby, head of the Anglican Communion, said in a very personal interview. Church unity and keeping children safe are other major concerns. More from

Bonus tracks

This is what sanctity looks like

American artist paints Mother Teresa’s official ‘sainthood’ portrait

When the Catholic Church officially canonizes Mother Teresa on Sunday, Pope Francis and huge crowd in St. Peter’s Square will gaze on Chas Fagan’s rendering. More from charlotteobserver

‘A major turning point in human history’

Southern Baptist leaders grieve court’s expansion of parenthood

In a victory for a lesbian plaintiff, a New York appeals court ruled that a person who is neither the biological parent nor an adoptive parent or guardian may seek custody and visitation rights. More from Baptist Press

Not kosher

Victim of Hasidic gang beating: ‘They just kept punching me’

In a Brooklyn courtroom, a gay black man recounted the horrific beating he says he received in 2013 at the hands of a gang of 15 to 20 Orthodox Jewish men. More from The Forward

Overcoming fear

Georgia county will end ban, mosque project can go forward

A ban on building permits for religious institutions that was prompted by opposition to a mosque will soon be lifted, county officials said. More from

Today’s closing arguments

Rejecting fear, despair to confront climate crisis as people of faith

There is very little in today’s culture to help us stomach this truth of the climate crisis. Yet my faith explicitly prohibits fear, writes Anya Grenier. More from Religion News Service