The Slingshot: Pulpit politics, Abrahamic ban, Philippines showdown


Need to know: 08/09/2016


Most churchgoers are hearing politics from the pulpit: report

Black Protestant Christians were mostly likely to hear about the candidates while at church, according to the survey by the Pew Research Center. More from Religion News Service

Jesus who?

Fewer and fewer Americans vote with religion in mind

While millions of people across the United States have left their faith traditions behind, our political displays still seem stuck in time, writes Katherine Ozment. More from

Covering all the bases

Christians, Jews would be included in Trump’s territorial terrorism ban

GOP VP nominee Mike Pence said Trump’s new “expanded” ban would include not just Muslims from countries with a history of terrorism. More from

Which exit?

Muslim American fencer to Donald Trump: ‘I don’t have another home’

“My family was born here. I was born here. I’ve grown up in Jersey. It’s like, well, where do we go?” said Ibtihaj Muhammad, who is also the first American Muslim woman to compete in the Olympics while wearing a hijab. More from

Final cut

40 years on, a controversial film on Islam’s origins is now a classic

‘The Message’ was difficult to make and faced a backlash in part of the Muslim world. It is currently being restored for a high definition rerelease. More from

Bonus tracks

Marcos redux?

Church leaders confront Duterte over extrajudicial killings in Philippines

“I am ready to die,” Archbishop Socrates Villegas, head of the Philippines bishops’ conference, said in a challenge to the nation’s president over a campaign of killings that some reports say has claimed 800 lives. “Barbarism will not have the last laugh.” More from America Magazine

A bridge too far?

On abortion, Tim Kaine is a bridge to Hillary Clinton’s past

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and her running mate, Tim Kaine, have flown to different wings within the ‘pro-choice’ camp, says Trevin Wax. More from Religion News Service

Olympic coinage

Throwing Israel off the bus

Lebanon loses the good sportsmanship award. Welcome to my new word — ‘dissrael,’ writes Jeffrey Salkin. More from Religion News Service

“I only play for churches”

A black inventor takes on musical notation’s racial history

Tim Kimbrough has invented a method of writing keyboard music that synthesizes a lifetime of studying African American music, including blues and gospel. “The only thing that guided me was God’s mercies,” he said. More from

Get me rewrite!

On Galileo, the Inquisition followed sound science

We now know that Galileo’s ideas were correct, yet the best science of the 17th century tended to favor a universe with Earth at its center, writes Jacob Haqq-Misra. More from

Photo essay

The power and poetry of Italian church confessionals

Marcella Hackbardt’s series, “True Confessionals,” shows confessionals “as a theatrical space that fills some fundamental human need – one that possibly transcends any particular religious dogma.” More from Slate Magazine