THE SLINGSHOT: Queer Muslims; Oral Robert’s son; Punching priest


Need to know: 06/14/2016

Doubling down

Trump pushes expanded ban on Muslims entering the U.S.

He accuses American Muslims of harboring terrorists in a speech “laden with falsehoods and exaggeration.” More from

Caught in the crossfire

What queer Muslims are saying about the Orlando shooting

They mourn the tragedy as they fear an anti-Muslim backlash. More from

Hate from the pulpit

Fundamentalist pastor praises the Orlando attacks

"Are you sad that 50 pedophiles were killed today?" he said in his Sunday sermon. “I think that’s great.” More from

Who was Oral Roberts’ son?

Evangelist’s child

A nephew says his uncle, Oral Roberts’ son, was gay and his truth must be known. More from


Christians respond to Orlando massacre

Not all LGBT Christians heard good news in the well-meaning statements made by some prominent Christians. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks

In the face!

Priest on Cyprus punches groom’s brother during wedding ceremony

Somehow everybody calmed down enough for the ceremony to be completed. More from Cyprus Mail

Check your despair

Why the Dalai Lama is hopeful about the world’s future

It is realistic to be optimist, because there are solutions to many problems we face, he writes. More from

Falling apart

Another church pulls out of upcoming Pan-Orthodox meeting

The landmark conference could be postponed as five of 14 Orthodox churches say they won't show. More from


Bangladesh’s deadly attacks terrify its religious minorities

“For now, the militants, it seems, will be able to keep killing at will,” said one Christian. More from Religion News Service

Going home

Prominent Seventh-day Adventist evangelist C.D. Brook dies

His 60-year ministry resulted in more than 15,000 baptisms on six continents. More from