The Slingshot: Rabbi resigns; Passover begins; Prince eulogized



Need to know: 04/22/2016

Coming out

Top Conservative rabbi to resign over ‘sexual identity’ struggle

Dallas Rabbi William Gershon will step down from his position as president of the Rabbinical Assembly. More from Religion News Service

Everything you wanted to know

The ‘Splainer: Passover, the most beloved Jewish holiday

Why does this celebration of liberation lie at the center of Jewish belief and tradition? More from Religion News Serivce


5 faith facts about Prince: Sexy, provocative and religious

The iconic pop singer was clearly and undoubtedly a man of faith. More from Religion News Service

Bathroom brawl

Trump and Cruz clash over North Carolina ‘bathroom law’

The debate over the bill comes as the presidential race moves into the more socially liberal northeast. More from

The wandering Jew

London becomes a leading destination for French Jews after attacks

A growing stream of French Jews see the British capital as a convenient and less threatening option as France grapples with anti-Semitism. More from



Bonus tracks

The future of religion?

Chinese robot monk blends science and Buddhism

The 2-foot robot with a yellow robe can hold a conversation by answering about 20 simple questions about Buddhism and daily life. More from Religion News Service

Blame the victim

Brigham Young University under fire for disciplining rape victim

The university is investigating whether Madi Barney had premarital sex, an Honor Code violation. More from

A sharper image

How my camera helped me refocus on my faith

British photographer Jim Grover writes about shadowing an Anglican priest for a year. More from the Guardian

A sleepwalker's defense

Philly nun guilty of DUI

She crashed her car, then argued she was "sleep driving" after taking an Ambien and drinking two glasses of wine. More from Newser

Her OWN series

Oprah Winfrey to star in new megachurch TV drama

“Greenleaf,” tells the story of a wealthy African-American family behind a megachurch. More from Religion News Service

Longread for Earth Day

Katharine Hayhoe, climate change evangelist

The atmospheric scientist from Texas uses the Bible to explain to Christians why they should care about global warming. More from Texas Monthly