The Slingshot: Religion and the paranormal, humor and Islamophobia, selling sacred items


Need to know: 05/26/2016

The truth is out there

For UFO enthusiasts at Oregon festival, ‘it’s all extraterrestrial’

What’s the difference between belief in a religion and belief in the paranormal? Not much, some say. More from Religion News Service

Crossing cultures

InterVarsity leader: ‘I know what it’s like to live in a culture not my own’

Tom Lin recently was named the first nonwhite president of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, the national ministry to 40,200 university students. More from Religion News Service

Is nothing sacred?

Native Americans protest a planned auction of sacred objects in France

Items for sale include ceremonial objects so sacred to the Hopi that members of the tribe object to having them even described. More from

Religious Left

As DNC executive, Leah Daughtry relies on Pentecostal faith

The woman tapped to oversee the Democratic National Convention says her Christian upbringing spurred a career in politics. More from PhillyVoice

Scandal and sickness

Influential Thai Buddhist monk too ill to face graft charges, say devotees

A stand-off in Thailand between investigators and a powerful Buddhist sect intensified after its influential abbot failed to appear at a police station. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks

Laughter is the best medicine

Seeing radical Muslims everywhere you look? Try ‘Islamophobin’!

The spoof medication is designed to treat “blind intolerance” and “unthinking bigotry.” More from Religion News Service

Schools, sports and sexual conduct policies

The Ken Starr-Baylor story shows how religious schools struggle to deal with sex assault

The reports about Starr tap into the most basic contemporary debates at religious schools. More from

‘Not your normal attrition’

Gospel For Asia faced staff exodus amid negative publicity

The mission group and its founder faced a storm of negative publicity following revelations of financial mismanagement. More from

Quitting politics

Fewer churches are involved in politics, and that’s not good

Providing a space to vote is about as political as many churches get. More from Religion News Service

‘A lesson of tolerance’

Indian synagogue held first Sabbath service in decades

Congregants came from four continents for what could be the last such observance in a region whose Jewish communities have mostly migrated to Israel. More from Religion News Service