The Slingshot: Remembering 9/11, candidates’ faith, witches’ popularity


Need to know: 09/12/2016

Be prepared

15 years after 9/11, are congregations prepared for disasters?

Webinars and training sessions held across the country help faith leaders prepare for terrorism or natural disasters. But experts say more need to think about preparedness. More from Religion News Service

‘Celebrate, not challenge’

Kaine predicts Catholic church will change its teaching on gay marriage

Democratic vice-presidential nominee Tim Kaine, a Catholic, described his evolution on same-sex marriage and predicted his church would change its views as well. More from

Paying his respects

In eulogizing Schlafly, Trump sees spiritual ally

Donald Trump praised conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly as an underdog and linked the anti-feminist movement she led to his anti-establishment campaign. More from CNN

Year of Mercy

Pope Francis gives confirmation sacrament to gravely ill teen

Administering the rite for Giuseppe Chiolo, a 16-year-old Sicilian suffering from cancer, was the pontiff’s latest gesture toward the sick and disabled. More from Religion News Service

Still one?

Professor fears United Methodist Church division is ‘a given’

One World Methodist Conference speaker frankly addressed the schism threat in The United Methodist Church over the issue of homosexuality. More from The United Methodist Church

Bonus tracks

Voyage into an ‘other’ world

A journey along Japan’s oldest pilgrimage route

Religion may play an ambiguous role in Japanese life but the arduous pilgrimage remains popular with walkers, cyclists and coachloads. More from

Getting personal

Remembering 9/11, a rabbi and imam nurture interfaith friendships

At New York University, a rabbi and an imam model interfaith friendship for their students. More from Religion News Service

Eid mubarak, y’all!

How to celebrate Eid al-Adha like an American

Muslims are worried about their safety, says Wajahat Ali. They’re also worried about making their fellow Americans feel safe around them, even as they celebrate. More from

‘The inversion election’

This election’s faith-based candidate

There is one candidate who is authentically religious, who has thought seriously about what the Scriptures teach. E.J. Dionne Jr. says it’s Hillary Clinton. More from

Prayer and rock

Abbot who plays in rock band says monastic life fires creativity

It comes from having people from different backgrounds living, talking, working and praying together, according to Abbot Primate Nokter Wolf. More from


Witches are in: Changing how we treat women’s suffering and power

From the Salem witch trials to the present, diagnosing women with hysteria has been overwhelmingly a way to delegitimize their religious experiences. More from