The Slingshot: #RNCinCLE, Methodist bishop, faith in churches


Need to know: 07/20/2016

Sticking to their guns

GOP platform: Plenty for evangelicals to love

Marriage between one man and one woman, tax-free church politicking, school prayer and more are all in the party platform. More from Religion News Service

Hellish charge

Ben Carson suggests Hillary Clinton worships the devil

It’s being called one of the most “original" attacks ever made on a political candidate. More from Observer

Political coolant

Sisters’ ‘lemonade ministry’ in Cleveland opens dialogue on country’s needs

Nuns park their bus and hope to “start a dialogue of healing,” with a refreshing drink. More from

Opening up

First openly LGBT United Methodist bishop: ‘This is the time’

Karen Oliveto talks about how the Orlando shooting and the controversy at the UMC General Conference changed her. More from Religion News Service


A third of Nice truck attack’s dead were reportedly Muslims

Local Islamic association holds funerals for 30 dead Muslim men, women and children killed in Bastille Day rampage. More from

Bonus tracks

End times politics

Republicans accused of plagiarizing entire conventional scenario from the Book of Revelation

Satirist Andy Horowitz imagines the mother of all plagiarizing scandals. More from The New Yorker

Weakening faith

Do churches actually help solve social problems? Americans increasingly say ‘No’

New Pew research sheds light on America’s nascent pessimism about religious institutions, and it is troubling. More from

Color me Christian. Or Jewish. Or …

Adult coloring books get niched

Adult coloring book craze branches out to include Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Catholic and even Wiccan titles. More from Religion News Service

Evangelically hopeful

A gold medal isn’t the highest goal

American gymnast Shawn Johnson talks about faith and her Olympic struggle. More from LifeZette


Honor killings are a global problem — and often invisible

An estimated 5,000 honor killings are committed every year, mostly in Muslim, Hindu and Sikh communities. More from