The Slingshot: Shimon Peres; Papal auction; Hindu marriage and conversion


Need to know: 09/28/2016

Fallen pillar

Shimon Peres dies at 93; built up Israel’s defense and sought peace

The pillar of Israel’s founding era, its former prime minister and father of its defense had suffered a stroke. More from

‘Accountable to God’

Pope Francis warns Syria aggressors they will face divine wrath

The pontiff's latest appeal came as he authorized a church charity to auction cars used during his recent trip to Poland to support those hard hit by the war. More from Religion News Service

Caste change

Indian Dalits hope to end discrimination through conversion

At least 40,000 people are expected to formally convert to Buddhism in publicly organized ceremonies. More from Religion News Service

Minority vows

Pakistani lawmakers adopt landmark Hindu marriage bill

It’s being seen as a step toward civil liberties for Hindus and will help widows who had trouble claiming welfare benefits. More from The Times of India

Age aid

More aid promised to poor elderly Jews in the former Soviet Union

Tens of thousands — some of them Holocaust survivors — have been promised $52 million in food and medical services. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks

Punch lines, no punches

Trump, Clinton to trade jokes instead of barbs at Al Smith dinner

In a custom that goes back more than 70 years, the rivals will attend a black-tie Catholic fundraising dinner. More from Religion News Service

She’s with her

Why I resigned my evangelical leadership roles to support Hillary Clinton

Deborah Fikes, the former Permanent Representative to the United Nations for World Evangelical Alliance, says she has had opportunities “to witness just how deep and personal” Clinton’s faith is. More from The Exchange | A Blog by Ed Stetzer

Athletic protest

Serena Williams speaks out against police killings: ‘I won’t be silent’

The tennis champion joins football, basketball and other athletes in speaking out about racism and the police. More from

When virtues become vices

American’s first post-Christian debate

The belief in a common purpose that long defined America’s civil religion was absent Monday night. More from The Atlantic

Of course it’s in Salem

The world’s first Satanic Temple headquarters isn’t anything like you’d expect

It’s in a Massachusetts art gallery near the site where witches were hanged in the 17th century. More from Fusion