The Slingshot: Slain nuns; FGM; Kayla Mueller


Need to know: 08/26/2016

Murder investigation

Two nuns found stabbed to death in Mississippi

Sisters Paula Merrill and Margaret Held were founded dead after they failed to show up at their clinic, which serves an impoverished county. More from Religion News Service


Outside Paris, a clinic aims to tackle an age-old practice

Up to 60,000 women in France, and an estimated half-million or more across the European Union, have undergone female genital mutilation. More from Religion News Service

Rubble raisers

Faith-based volunteers help search for quake victims in Italy

Catholic bishops have made large donations and Catholic volunteers have turned out to help earthquake victims. More from Religion News Service


Kayla Mueller defended Christian faith to ISIS executioner ‘Jihadi John’

Four of the Westerners released by ISIS and a Yazidi teenager who escaped captivity have provided eyewitness accounts of the Arizona aid worker's strength. More from ABC News

Oh, Canada

Vancouver Christians collide over televangelist Franklin Graham

Saying that Graham is often “incendiary and intolerant,” some oppose his participation in a March 2017 festival that many of the city’s mega-churches are supporting. More from Vancouver Sun

Bonus tracks


Saudis and extremism: ‘Both the arsonists and the firefighters’

Critics say Saudi Arabia exports a rigid strain of Islam that contributes to terrorism, but it’s also an important U.S, partner in counter-terrorism efforts. More from

Burkini beach

Protesters throw beach party at French embassy in London

Forty people brought sand, beach chairs and burkinis to protest a French crackdown on the modest bathing suit. More from

Ummah uprising

How American Muslim women are taking on Donald Trump

Muslim women fed up with his anti-Muslim and anti-woman attitudes are planning voter registration drives and considering anti-Trump TV ads. More from The Atlantic

Pachydermic periodical

Inspired by elephants, entrepreneur turns sleepy yoga magazine into digital juggernaut

An unemployed thirty-something journalism school graduate with a background in Buddhist publishing turned a flailing regional glossy about yoga and into a multimedia “feel-good” content juggernaut that attracts millions of monthly readers. More from Columbia Journalism Review


The novelist and the emigrants

How a friendship with two elderly Jewish refugees inspired the Germans novelist W.G. Sebald. More from The New Yorker