The Slingshot: Southern Baptist dig at religious freedom; Ali homecoming; Mennonite travails


Need to know: 06/10/2016


Prayer service for Muhammad Ali draws thousands to Louisville arena

Ali did more than anyone to “normalize” Islam in America, said one scholar at a Muslim service on Thursday. More from

Roger Williams rolling over in his grave

Georgia Baptist official says religious freedom is not for Muslims

“Should we be defending their rights to build mosques?” asked Gerald Harris, the editor of the Christian Index. More from Religion News Service

Not just Methodists

Mennonite Church coming apart over sexuality issues

The “peace” denomination is in the midst of a civil war over LGBT inclusion. More from Religion News Service

Pushed aside

Evangelicals feel alienated, anxious

Losses in church membership and in public policy battles, along with America's changing demographics, are weakening evangelical influence. More from

Caliphate no more

Islamic State suffers string of losses in Iraq and Syria this year

Officials estimate the militants have lost 45 percent of the territory they once had in Iraq and 20 percent in Syria. More from

Bonus tracks

Moving to Facebook

New York Times editor quits Twitter, says the service isn’t fighting anti-Semitism

Jonathan Weisman received a barrage of anti-Semitic messages after he retweeted an article criticizing Donald Trump. More from ThinkProgress


The horrors and hells of Hieronymus Bosch

A Madrid exhibit shines the spotlight on an artist who gave us our modern view of hell. More from Religion News Service

She’s with her

I’m evangelical, my church welcomes gays, and I’m not voting for Trump

“Almost no one I know is voting for Donald Trump—a candidate who, try as he might, will never be able to pass for evangelical,” writes Laura Turner. More from Esquire

Bowing to George Lucas

Review: Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi

Cass R. Sunstein’s latest book, “The World According to Star Wars,” is a kind of lay sermon on a sacred pop-cultural text. More from

Christianity II

Mel Gibson planning ‘Passion of the Christ’ sequel

It will tell the story of the resurrection of Jesus. More from The Hollywood Reporter