The Slingshot: Speaking up, staying silent, free wifi for all


Need to know: 07/11/2016

Pray for Dallas

After the shootings, Dallas clergy will pray, then advocate for change

The Rev. George Mason says transformation is needed not only in local communities but across the nation. More from Religion News Service

Finding a way to love

Dallas residents look to churches for hope and answers in wake of police deaths

People filled the churches of this rattled city looking for something that even the pastors preaching to them struggled to offer: answers. More from

‘A flurry of fatwas’

A Saudi morals enforcer called for a more liberal Islam. Then the death threats began

He argued that much of what Saudis practiced as religion was in fact Arabian cultural practices that had been mixed up with their faith. More from

‘Enough is enough’

Hillary Clinton addresses recent shootings at African Methodist Episcopal Church convention

Clinton told the crowd that after the 24-hour news cycle has moved on from this issue, she won't. More from

‘Let there be free wifi’

‘Godspot’: German churches now offer free and secure wifi hotspots

A group of evangelical Protestant churches in east Germany plan to provide free internet in 3,000 churches and religious buildings. More from Quartz

Bonus tracks

First Sunday of Repentance

Time for white churches to speak out about police shootings

The fact that we still have churches that are identifiably white or black or brown shows a need for confession and repentance, says David Waters. More from Religion News Service

Beyond belief

Can faith communities heal racial inequality? In Kansas City, a resounding yes

Most humans hunger for community, and in Kansas City, faith is at the heart of that quest, says Steve Mencher. More from Religion News Service

A terrible burden

Elie Wiesel and the agony of bearing witness

Why should any of us expect people who have suffered profound trauma to relive it for our benefit? More from The Atlantic

Moving evangelicals

Donald Trump’s God whisperer

The woman who led the candidate to Christ has many of the same problems connecting with evangelicals as he has. More from POLITICO

Courting controversy

Former evangelical pastor rethinks his approach to courtship

The author of “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” now says he’s willing to “apologize where needed” for the negative consequences his 17-year-old book has had on some Christians' relationships. More from