The Slingshot: Terror strikes Europe again, #DemsinPhilly, LaHaye left, God’s guitars


Need to know: 07/26/2016

No words

Pope Francis condemns slaying of French priest

France is convulsed by another horrific attack as armed men burst into a Catholic Church near Rouen and slit the throat of a priest who was saying Mass. More from Religion News Service

Faith in Philly

DNC platform: Plenty for religious progressives to love

Delegates approved the most progressive platform in party history, tackling several religion-in-the-public square issues. More from Religion News Service

Sore losers

Who boos an opening prayer? The Berniacs of 2016, that’s who

They were targeting Hillary Clinton more than the Almighty, but the optics weren’t great. More from Religion News Service

Take it from me

‘I condemn all threats to Turkey’s democracy’

Pa.-based imam Fethullah Gulen says the Turkish prime minister’s accusation that he was behind the recent coup is “no surprise” given his "his systematic and dangerous drive toward one-man rule." More from

Gone ahead

Tim LaHaye, evangelical leader and ‘Left Behind’ co-author, dead at 90

The bestselling fire-and-brimstone preacher died after a stroke. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks

Dancing habits

Polish nuns welcome young pilgrims for World Youth Day

A group of nuns from West Pomerania pull off a flash mob to welcome thousands of young pilgrims. More from LifeZette

Reality showed

Trump’s Sunday school

The Republican presidential nominee might not recognize the church where he grew up, now led and attended almost entirely by immigrants. More from The Atlantic

Trans celebration

Mortal to divine and back: India’s transgender goddesses

During the 10-day Hindu festival Mayana Kollai, the troubles of transgender women are distant as they transform into the deities they worship and are revered by villagers. More from

Better late than never

Portugal inaugurates new Jewish heritage center in memory of the Inquisition

The center in the eastern town of Monsaraz is dedicated to 80 former residents who were persecuted nearly 500 years ago. More from

Don’t fret

The wild, handmade guitars of a man on a mission from God

One evening in 1979, a troubled Arkansas preacher saw the Almighty in a dream, who commanded him to make guitars and give them away to children for free. More from Hyperallergic