The Slingshot: The Dems’ faith, the pope’s candor and the pastor’s rifle



Need to know: 07/28/2016


The divided soul of the Democratic Party

Conventional wisdom says the party is the default home of secularists, but don’t tell that to the delegates on the floor. More from Religion News Service

Telling it like it is

Pope Francis faces up to his followers’ fears

Arriving for World Youth Day, the pontiff took solemn note of the terror gripping much of Europe. More from Religion News Service

One less gun

Pastor spends $3,000 on rifle he didn’t want

The semi-automatic rifle, raffled to raise money for a girls’ softball team, now can never be used to hurt or kill someone. More from

Quelle horreur

Terror attacks confound French authorities with shifting tactics and targets

The “epidemic of terrorism” is deeply dividing a society that wonders not if but when, and where, the next outrage will occur. More from Religion News Service

Undercover activists

Charges dropped against anti-abortion activists for Texas video

Prosecutors say they cannot adequately investigate the case. More from Religion News Service



Bonus tracks

Honorary Hebrew

Tim Kaine’s very Talmudic approach to politics

“He has a very Jewish way of squaring faith with politics,” writes Jane Eisner. More from The Forward

Stamping his spiritual passport

Pope makes a statement with visit to fabled Polish monastery

With his choice of destination, Francis says “I get Poland,” writes John Allen. More from

Whirling Jewish Dervish

In Israel, Jews are adopting Muslim mystical practices

There’s actually a long history of encounters between Judaism and Sufism. More from

May it please the court

Indian Muslim women defy tradition – and men – to be judges

A women’s rights group is training its first class of 30 women in Quranic law to graduate qazis, or judges, jobs traditionally reserved for men. More from Religion News Service


Aspiring Mexican priest creates a ‘Gang of Christ’

The deacon, sometimes talking more like a psychologist than a priest, turns at-risk youth and actual gang members into missionaries. More from Reuters