The Slingshot: The Muslim vote. The Temple Mount. The new Jesuit leader.


Need to know: 10/14/2016

Fighting words

Michelle Obama denounces Donald Trump’s rhetoric: ‘It has shaken me to my core’

Michelle Obama delivered a devastating rebuke to Donald Trump, calling his comments “cruel”, “frightening” and beyond the “basic standards of human decency.” More from

Very, very bad

Hillary Clinton wins projected Muslim vote by landslide in CAIR survey

While 72 percent of Muslim Americans polled said they planned to vote for Clinton, only 4 percent said they would vote for Trump. More from Religion News Service


UN agency ignores Jewish ties to Temple Mount

A UNESCO resolution notes Jerusalem’s importance to the three Abrahamic faiths, but disregards Jews’ religious connections to the Temple Mount. More from Religion News Service

Ray of light?

Israeli president hosts quiet meeting of Muslim and Jewish leaders

The highly unusual meeting was intended to forge a joint effort against religious violence and to promote peace and coexistence. More from

The center is shifting

Jesuits elect first Latin-American leader

A Venezuelan priest, the Rev. Arturo Sosa’s past curiously parallels that of Francis, the first Jesuit pope. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks

Lock and key

The pope is not the only keeper of the keys in the Vatican

The chief key keeper at the Vatican Museums manages a dedicated team that opens and closes some 300 rooms every day. More from Religion News Service

Jew, Christian, mystic

The religious wanderings of Bob Dylan, Nobel laureate

Dylan’s lyrics and music have long reflected his own restless, seeking soul. More from Religion News Service

The next new thing

Owner plans ‘escape room’ in former church

An Iowa man who purchased a Davenport church wants to turn it into an adventure room where participants have to solve puzzles to escape the room. More from The Quad-City Times

Noodles and beer

Big in Europe: The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Something funny has happened to a movement founded to critique organized religion: It’s gotten organized, and taken on the trappings and social functions of a real religion. More from The Atlantic

Singer in saffron robe

Nepal’s most popular Buddhist nun is a musical rock star

With more than 12 albums of melodious Nepali tunes and Tibetan hymns, Ani Choying Drolma has won hearts across the Himalayan nation and abroad. More from The Big Story