The Slingshot: The pope prays for earthquake victims; Turkey demands an imam’s extradition; what church shoppers want



Need to know: 08/24/2016


Pope expresses ‘heartfelt sorrow’ over earthquake

Francis told thousands gathered in St. Peter’s Square that he would nix his address and instead pray with them for victims and survivors. More from Religion News Service

What the faithful want

Top of the church shopper’s list: Strong preaching

A new survey says that more than a convenient location, or a welcoming preacher, people want the pastor to rock the pulpit. More from Religion News Service

Making himself clear

Turkey’s leader says US has ‘no excuse’ to keep imam blamed for coup

“If a country wants a criminal in your country to be extradited, you have no rights to argue with that,” said Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan. More from Religion News Service

Money where his mouth is

French burkini ban: Businessman will pay women’s fines

As politicians across Europe try to outlaw the veils and modest attire of Muslim women, an Algerian entrepreneur fights back with his checkbook. More from CNN


‘Ben-Hur’ is Hollywood’s $100 million mistake

Producers mistakenly believed they could copy the success of 2004's The Passion of the Christ, a critic argues. More from The Atlantic



Bonus tracks

Fighting the demons

Chaplains begin treating veterans for newly designated ‘moral injury’

Memories of combat can torment the soul. A chaplain may offer the best medicine. More from Charleston Scene

Tough orientation

So you’re a Jew and you’re starting college? Prepare for anti-Zionism.

A third-year university student warns of the hostility that those who love Israel will face on campus. More from

The other transgressions

International Criminal Court stays silent on extremist’s sex crimes

The tribunal about to convict a man for destruction of cultural heritage has little to say about his alleged sexual violence. More from

Going public

Irish woman live-tweets trip to get abortion in England

She wants to highlight the restrictions placed on the procedure in her home country and renew pressure for change. More from

Watching the watchdog

Judge sanctions SNAP for defying orders in abuse lawsuit

A federal judge faults the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests for refusing to share information about those who accused a Midwestern priest. More from