The Slingshot: Tony Campolo’s DNC benediction; pope’s message for Texas teens; sainthood for slain priest?


Need to know: 07/27/2016

DNC Benediction

Evangelical Tony Campolo prays for Hillary Clinton

“May her candidacy send a message to women everywhere that the glass ceiling that has held so many of them down is being broken.” More from PR Newswire


Turkey steps up pressure on U.S. to extradite imam in Poconos

Imam Fethullah Gulen, known for his moderate, interfaith message, denies involvement in the recent coup attempt. More from

Hello Brownsville!

Pope Francis sends video message to young Catholics in Texas

“Play life to the full,” Francis exhorts the youth of the diocese, which the Vatican describes as one of the most impoverished in the U.S. More from Religion News Service


Man charged with threatening to burn down Boston mosque

The mosque often receives hateful messages, but Patrick Keogan’s indicated a willingness to inflict harm. More from

Saint Jacques?

Italian politician urges canonization for slain French priest

Then the hashtag #santosubito, which translates to “sainthood now,” began circulating on Twitter in honor of Fr. Jacques Hamel. More from

Bonus tracks

A guilty look

Judge orders makeup for suspect with Nazi tattoos

Potential jurors said they couldn’t give a defendant covered with hateful tats a fair trial. More from Religion News Service


Gary S. Paxton, music maverick turned gospel singer, dies at 77

“I walked into a church — stoned on drugs — and got saved!” he wrote. More from

Constitutional overhaul

Greece eyes more space between Orthodox Church and state

The nation’s official religion may soon be less official. More from Reuters

Shrinking pains

The Catholic church in Chicago braces for far-reaching change

The planned consolidation could mean one priest serves three parishes. More from Crain

You gonna eat that?

Americans feel guilty about wasting food but do it anyway

Almost 80 percent feel bad about throwing so much away but 51 percent say it would be difficult to waste less. More from