The Slingshot: Trump and Catholics, Clinton and Methodists, Harry Potter and the Sacred Text


Need to know: 09/26/2016

Soothing wounds

Pope offers comfort to friends and relatives of Nice attack victims

Pope Francis sought to comfort relatives and close friends of the more than 80 victims of the attack in Nice in July. More from Religion News Service

‘We are all one’

Sufi sect of Islam draws ‘spiritual vagabonds’ in New York

Sufism has been cloaked in secrecy for most of its existence. Nowadays, many of these spiritual communities are in plain view around New York City if you know where to look. More from

Worship without a license

Chinese Jews of ancient lineage huddle under pressure

A few hundred residents had staged a lively, sometimes contentious rebirth of Kaifeng’s Jewish heritage in recent decades. More from

‘Beyond ideology’

Unity gives Jerusalem a prayer: Jews, Muslims and Christians join for worship

Eight religious leaders brought their congregations together for eight days in one room. It was a dangerous move. More from

Hail Mary pass

Trump names 33 conservative Catholics as new advisers

The announcement comes at a time when Donald Trump is struggling in the polls among Catholic voters. More from Catholic News Agency

Bonus tracks

Piety plus politics

The Democrats’ Methodist Moment

Hillary Clinton has seen the church’s social concerns shift from alcohol and gambling to sexism and racism, writes Kenneth L. Woodward. More from WSJ

True Belieber

Justin Bieber performs Christian worship song before thousands

This public display of faith in conjunction with his other shenanigans raises questions about whether it’s helpful for celebrities to broadcast their faith, says Jonathan Merritt. More from Religion News Service

The ‘house’ in ‘house of worship’

Converting churches to condos brings logistical, social challenges

Some Washington, D.C., churches have been demolished. Others with architectural merit are adapted by developers for new uses, usually residential. More from

Deep Magic

The political magic of C.S. Lewis

As this dispiriting election year has shown, there are many politically prominent Christians today who should think and act more like Lewis, says Peter Wehner. More from

What would Harry Potter do?

Could ‘Harry Potter’ give rise to a new religion?

A podcast treats the boy wizard’s story as holy and reflects on life’s big questions using the seven-book series by J.K. Rowling as a guide. More from