The Slingshot: Trump’s Jesus, ‘Mega’ Mecca, ‘Coexist’ litigants


Need to know: 06/09/2016

Double ‘Jeopardy’!

Trump tackles Christianity’s big question: Who is Jesus?

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee, whose religious literacy has been questioned before, gave an answer that wasn’t quite the one you find in the Gospels. More from Religion News Service

A classy Jesus, very classy.

The Trump nobody knows

When he discusses his faith, the Republican candidate sounds a great deal like the businessman-turned-politician who a century ago coined his campaign slogan. More from The Atlantic

In vino, veritas

Pope Francis is no Baptist: A wedding without wine is ‘shameful!’

Despite some reports to the contrary, Francis proves that the pope is indeed Catholic: “Imagine finishing a wedding party drinking tea!" he said told a crowd in St. Peter’s Square. More from Religion News Service


Turning cemeteries into wine at a California diocese

“The cemetery doesn’t seem like such a sad and fearsome place when you go there and see the vines,” said Oakland Bishop Michael Barber. More from

Turns out to be the usual suspects

Bangladesh says it now knows who’s killing the bloggers

For three years, atheist writers, freethinkers, religious minorities, gay rights activists and others have been terrorized and killed by shadowy figures who have struck with machetes and sped off on motorbikes. Two Islamic groups have now been pegged as suspects. More from

Irony of the Day

The big fight over ‘Coexist’

A fierce legal battle over a bumper sticker that just wants everyone to get along. More from Vox

Bonus tracks

Myth America

How Southern delusions lie at the heart of the Charleston killings

Hypnotized by the Lost Cause of the Civil War, those under its spell could not awaken without the shock of wanton cruelty inflicted on innocent victims. The murders at Emanuel AME Church provided that shock, writes Volney Gay. More from Religion News Service

Free to be … me and me.

The weaponization of religious liberty

More than 100 anti-LGBT bills have been introduced in state legislatures this year, many promoted as measures to protect religious liberty. Peter Montgomery wonders how something as American as religious freedom became a culture war weapon. More from Religion News Service

Big screen bias?

How ‘Me Before You’ promotes an ableist agenda

The main complaint from nearly the entire disability community is that the new movie ‘Me Before You’ justifies an ablest assumption: namely, that the life of someone who cannot walk is not worth living. More from Religion News Service

Holding Your Nose, 101

Yes, you do have an obligation to vote for the lesser of two evils. Here’s why.

Julia Maskivker lists four reasons why doing nothing is not an option in November – and why you don’t have to hate yourself in the morning, whatever you do. More from


Mecca goes mega

A building boom in the city’s sacred center has created a dazzling, high-tech 21st-century pilgrimage. More from