The Slingshot: Ungodly pasta, Katy’s convent, Bernie’s Vatican bro?


Need to know: 04/14/2016

Italian food is still divine

Court to spaghetti: You are not a god

Pastafarianism is satire, not sacred, ruled the U.S. District Court of Nebraska. More from Religion News Service

Those who ignore history ...

Pastor in alleged sex abuse cover-up returns to preaching conference roster

Major preaching conference in Louisville ignored calls to disinvite C.J. Mahaney More from

Pronounced: 'Nev-AH'

Sanders won’t be meeting Pope Francis (probably)

A papal meeting is not on the candidate's agenda. But an official said, "Never say never." More from Religion News Service


Ruling clears way for Katy Perry to buy hilltop convent

The singer's bid has the approval of Los Angeles’ archbishop but some nuns wanted a different buyer. More from

Louisiana governor signs order protecting LGBT rights, calls it ‘good for business’

The order breaks the pattern of southern states passing laws to limit such rights. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks

Christian-splaining video

WATCH: Kasich meets Talmudic scholars, explains Bible

As Jonathan Chait put it: "This is a bit like visiting MIT, wandering into a physics lab, and asking people if they ever heard of this guy named Isaac Newton." More from Daily Intelligencer


Polygamy Is the next marriage-rights frontier

A decision this week is a sign that the federal courts would like polygamy prosecutions to go away, writes Noah Feldman. More from Bloomberg View

Leading with his chin

Being pro-life and pro-animal welfare go hand in hand

"It’s incumbent upon Christians, particularly those of pro-life persuasions, to concern themselves with the treatment of animals, oppose cruelty, and advocate for greater compassion," writes Christopher White. More from

Myth America

James Dobson’s flawed take on population decline

Raising false "facts" doesn't excuse shaming women into not breeding enough, writes Tobin Grant. More from Corner of Church and State

Living legacy

To see how religion boosts public health, watch ‘Call the Midwife’

Through many small stories of births, this series tells a larger story about religion and health, writes Ellen Idler. More from Religion News Service

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