The Slingshot: White privilege, Baptist matzoh and Pentecostal rumble

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Need to know: 04/20/2016

Beyond #BlackLivesMatter

Churches examine white privilege

A year after the death of Freddie Grey, some predominantly white churches search their souls. More from Religion News Service

Fast friends

Michigan mosque takes in homeless Unitarian Church

The beginning of "a beautiful relationship." More from Religion News Service

Ready to rumble

Pentecostal revival sweeps parts of West Coast

A "West Coast Rumble" is being led by 30-something Christians. More from Religion News Service

Conscientious exemption

Appeals court favors transgender student in Virginia restroom case

The Virginia ruling may apply to a North Carolina law many religious groups backed. More from

Shaken and stirred

Faith-based groups help quake-stricken Ecuador

The faithful mobilize in the wake of a 7.8 magnitude quake and aftershocks. More from Religion News Service




Bonus tracks

Conscientious exemption

When doctors refuse to treat LGBT patients

A new law in Mississippi makes it legal for physicians and therapists to opt out of care on religious grounds. More from The Atlantic

Frosting feud

Whole Foods: Cake with alleged gay slur is fake

A gay pastor said the slur was added to a cake he ordered with “Love Wins” on it. More from USA Today

Full Frontal Flop

Kasich fanfictioned Jesus into Passover

Steven Colbert and Sam Bee take the candidate to task. More from POLITICO

When ham is the perfect accompaniment

Meet a Southern Baptist matzoh expert

The Southerner who runs one of the biggest matzoh factories in the world featured on the Sporkful food podcast. More from

Dangerous 'djinns'

‘Mass hysteria’ shuts Malaysian school after reports of evil spirit sightings

Islamic scholars and witch doctors were called in to remove them with prayer sessions and "exorcisms." More from BBC News