The Slingshot: Yom Kippur confession, Ashura march, evangelical magazines v. Trump


Need to know: 10/12/2016


Jewish priestess movement seeks to reclaim the divine feminine

This Yom Kippur, some Jewish priestesses are gathering in a circle for a mix of prayers, chants, songs and meditations — all of which incorporate references to the divine feminine. More from Religion News Service

Stand by your man

Poll: Trump support remains steady among evangelicals

Donald Trump’s support has plummeted in the past week — but white evangelicals are sticking with him. More from Religion News Service

Not all evangelicals

Evangelical magazines decry Trump: ‘Someone who violates all that is sacred to us’

Listing biblical sins including lust and greed, Christianity Today said, “This is an incredibly apt summary of Trump's life." More from

'A stand against oppression'

Shia Muslims march in Dearborn for their faith and justice

The scene was part of a procession and gathering for Shia Muslims during a holy season known as Ashura, which refers to the 10th day of the first month of the Islamic calendar. More from Detroit Free Press

Not moving on

InterVarsity authors and alumni protest policy terminating employees who support gay marriage

The national evangelical campus ministry faces public protest from more than 1,000 alumni and 27 prominent authors as backlash against its decision rises. More from Religion News Service

Bonus tracks

No sanctuary

The spiritual abuse in InterVarsity’s treatment of LGBT people

During his tenure on staff with InterVarsity, Michael Vazquez came to recognize that he, as a gay Christian, had nothing legitimate to offer LGBT students on campus. More from Religion News Service

#GirlPower Redux

The political power of Muslim women in the time of Trump

Ghazala Khan is slated to stand with the recently-formed American Muslim Women political action committee when it endorses Hillary Clinton. More from The Atlantic

G’mar Chatimah Tovah!

A Yom Kippur confession for this election year

Any resemblance to persons living or running for office in Mark Silk’s Al Chet prayer is purely coincidental. More from Religion News Service

‘A great medium for cultural sharing’

How halal food became a $20 billion hit in America

Sales of halal food, prepared according to Islamic law, are surging -- and not just among the fast-growing U.S. Muslim population: Adventurous millennial foodies are embracing it too. More from

Go, Cubs, Go!

For Cubs’ faithful, baseball and religion often overlap

Those who study sports fandom from a religious studies' perspective say there are many parallels between baseball and everyday life, and that being a dedicated fan often connects with elements of the spiritual. More from