Will Shorter Lines Boost Voter Turnout at the Polls?

The bipartisan Presidential Commission on Election Administration has released a report encouraging jurisdictions across the country to cut down on long lines at polls on Election Day by expanding early voting, increasing online voter registration, and checking voter registration lists against those provided by other states.

The GOP’s Marriage Problem

Analysts note that Mitt Romney nominee lost in large measure due to changing American demographics—particularly the rise of the Latino vote, non-white Christians, and the religiously unaffiliated. But another demographic trend also threatens to hurt Republican chances in the future: the decline of marriage.

Whatever Happens in the Election Today…

Many people are saying that this year's election has been the most contentious and polarizing in American history. (They obviously don't read American history.) One thing is certain: tomorrow, one way or the other, we will wake up to a robust and enduring democracy.