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On Halloween: The demons & monsters are us–and so are the angels.

I struggle with why we are so offended with seeing human beings dressed up like monsters for two hours, when for the other 364 days of the year we see monsters dressed up like human beings, killing and raping and stealing and occupying and pillaging.
This, all of this, is us. We are the monster.
 We are the angelic. We are the human where the monstrous and the divine mingle.

RNS photo by Mark Hundley.

Grief without God is a challenge for nonbelievers

(RNS) If you're an atheist who loses a child or loved one, there's no hope of a reunion in the afterlife. The absence of the comfort of religious ritual is one of the hardest adjustments for unbelievers, leading some nonbelievers to craft support groups and resources for grief without God. By Kimberly Winston.