Mormons and Lent

The Ash Wednesday Mormon

Rumblings in various pockets of Mormondom suggest I’m not the only Latter-day Saint who finds our cheerful omission of Christ’s suffering strange, even theologically impoverished. More Mormons are giving Lent a try.

Why Ash Wednesday belongs out of the church and out on the streets

The priests who offer ashes in public on Ash Wednesday are not doing something for the sake of convenience or expediency; Rather, we will be in public, with our prayers and our crosses of ash, to meet the Christ who died in a public place. By Lauren Winner.

RNS photo courtesy Canticle Communications.

On Ash Wednesday, Episcopalians take it to the streets

CHICAGO (RNS) At least 49 Episcopal churches in 12 states will offer ashes to passersby on Ash Wednesday at train stations, bus stops, college campuses and busy intersections. “We live in a time where we can’t just sit back and wait for people to come to us,” said Bishop Stacy Sauls. By Piet Levy.