The Mormon moment and others

The purpose of this exercise in time-measurement terminology is … to suggest that people may profitably invest in some of those in their own era, age, and moment, and gain perspective for what is before them.

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Can Mormons be more green?

Why is it that so many Mormons seem all too eager to ignore global warming science, to be more concerned with capitalism than conservationism? Guest blogger Mette Harrison offers 10 ways the LDS Church could better help the environment.

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The Mormon soft sell

After years feeling uncomfortable with the many artificial ways Mormons evangelize, being encouraged to make friends just for the sake of making friends was good news indeed.

Book of Mormon photo by Ricardo630, cover by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Public via Wikimedia Commons

The Agony of Nephi

When I started reading the Book of Mormon, I had a hard time relating to Nephi. As the opening character—and crucial first narrator—in the Book of Mormon, he comes across as somewhat self-important. He caricatures his older brothers, the comical complainers Laman and Lemuel, who almost never appear as individual characters in his narrative. He never tells us much about the family he created on his own as an adult, but knowing that he had sons and yet chose to pass the records to his nephew instead indicates that there’s a shadow story there. Upon my early readings, Nephi seemed to me preoccupied with his place in history.