Is Mormonism responsible for torture?

Mormons Jay Bybee and Bruce Jessen dehumanized others . . . and then went to church on Sundays to partake of talks and lessons on basic morality. How did this happen, and what can Mormons do about it?


Excommunicating my Mormon rage

In all the swirling accusations last week over Kate Kelly’s excommunication, several people saved my heart from despair, their voices rising up on both sides to remind me of the kindness of the Savior.

Jodi Arias is on trial for the murder of Travis Alexander.

Jodi Arias’s Last-Ditch Defense Is . . . Blood Atonement? Are You Kidding Me?

Three stories in this week’s Mormon news: Friend says that accused killer Jodi Arias is being blamed for a murder that was actually a blood-atonement conspiracy by the LDS Church. Uh huh. In happier news, the LDS Church has unveiled exciting changes to its Scripture apparatus, and thousands of new missionaries are expected to begin serving around the world.