Bp. Paprocki: Call Ratzinger “Pope,” too…

Bishop Paprocki of Springfield, Ill., is known as a Catholic culture warrior to many but he is also a Rome-trained canon lawyer. In a memo that Pia de Solenni passes along, with his nihil obstat, Paprocki gives his opinion on a number of interesting issues stemming from Pope Benedict XVI’s unusual resignation — one of his views being that the talk of “abdication” is silly and the best and proper word is “resignation.” (Guess the bishop just doesn’t “get” religion, eh tmatt?)

(The bishop also shows himself to be in the dynamic equivalency rather than literal translation camp — at least on this issue.)

More intriguing, however, is his note that the word “pope” actually does not appear in canon law, and that Benedict never used it in his resignation address. The lesson Paprocki draws from this may be a matter of debate — that since it is a title, Benedict, even when he becomes Joseph Ratzinger on Feb. 28, should still be called “pope” and addressed as “Your Holiness.”

RNS photo by Erik M. Lunsford / The Post-Dispatch.

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