Mayor Bill de Blasio

Bill de Blasio: Popular, Progressive (Except Palestine)

I am not questioning the Mayor’s solidarity with children of Israel. We as human beings are called to identify with the pain and suffering of fellow human beings. What I wonder is the selectivity: why visit only children of Israel, and not the children of Palestine?

Pope Benedict Sultanahmet

Pope Benedict’s Resignation–a Muslim perspective

Muslims have had by and large a very tense relationship with Pope Benedict, yet I would hope that we as Muslims can practice the divine qualities of mercy and forgiveness at this time, and stand next to our Catholic friends as they journey through this turbulent time of transition.

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Bible game show aims for religious audience

(RNS) The world’s best-selling book has made it to the small screen in what is thought to be the first religiously themed game show on a secular network. “The American Bible Challenge” represents a bid to tap the religious market – particularly evangelicals. By Chris Lisee.

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Pastor perseveres despite autism diagnosis

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (RNS) In 2009, when he was an associate pastor at Abundant Life Christian Center, Henry Clarke finally faced the puzzle that was his life. He took a test he found online. While the results were a revelation, it was still a devastating diagnosis. By Kathleen Polinquin.

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Supreme Court tosses ‘Christian candy cane’ case

WASHINGTON (RNS) An appeal over Christmas sweets turned bitter yesterday (June 11) when the Supreme Court declined to hear the so-called “candy cane” case. The case is a rallying point for conservative Christians concerned about free religious expression. By Chris Lisee.  

Lauren Winner tackles doubt, divorce and the priesthood

DURHAM, N.C. (RNS) Lauren Winner is a jumble of contradictions: A Jew who found Jesus and recently the priesthood, an accomplished historian who rides an oversized tricycle to work — and a memoir writer who wants to keep some details of her private life private. By Yonat Shimron.